Our lights are rated for over 50,000 hours of use! WOW! That’s equivalent to 11+ years of nightly glow at 12 hours! Even longer when used less or dimmed. LiteWRX lights can also be run 24 hours/day – so keep them glowing as long as you wish!
The permanent LED lights are installed to the outer part of the soffit behind the fascia or trim facing downward. They are installed in a track matching seamlessly to your fascia, hiding wires and avoiding light pollution, it really is the cats meow!
We have access to major suppliers of soffit and fascia. We do precise color matching. Although colours could fade over time, for luxury homes with unique fascia or commercial buildings we have options like solid wood or backtrack. We will always find a solution to blend aesthetically to your home. In rare cases there may be an additional cost, but as always you don’t know unless you ask! Reach out for a quote today!
Absolutely. We have access to multiple types of track and backtrack that can be used on any desired flat surface, including pergola’s, fences, commercial buildings. In rare cases there may be an additional cost, but as always you don’t know unless you ask! Reach out for a quote today!
With LiteWRX App, you can control your lights from anywhere, around the world, as long as your device has WiFi connection.
The controller is your operating system. Our control box which stores the controller is the “brains” of the operation. The PVS weatherproof control box should blend with existing conduit and service boxes on the exterior of your home. The control box needs to be mounted close to the first light, an electrical outlet and within range of getting a WiFi signal. We do our very best to install the boxes as discreet as possible but it’s most important for you to have a signal to operate it.
Although this is extremely rare, it does happen, especially in some older homes. If a new electrical box is needed, our certified electricians can quote and install the electrical outlet for you.
Absolutely! For larger homes we may require it (over 300ft), otherwise if you want to operate your front vs. back, or pergola separately you can purchase an additional controller. This will allow you to control different “zones” individually.
Through your app. Our main app and controller are connected by WiFi (having a good WiFi system definitely helps!). You can also connect through Bluetooth. See our App online for more information. It is operational on iOS and Android. We will frequently be updating our app and controller; updates will be done frequently!
App updates will happen through your device’s app store. Controller updates may happen occasionally as well. We will always keep you posted on exciting new updates!
This is all done through our updating app! Please check out our App online for more information about functions and options we have, as they are pretty well limitless and will be updated frequently!
Yes. Energy efficient programs are available. To simplify your life, no need to remember that “light switch”. From sunset to sunrise, nightly and weekly timers, events and holidays – you have the ability to save timers.
The LiteWRX app is capable of multiple users at once. Bluetooth technology is however built to pair one to one. If you are connected through Bluetooth, only one person at a time can control and connect to it. The other will have to disconnect in order for someone else to control and use the app. We highly recommend your connection be through WiFi.
Yes- we are the only company to offer this feature! For security and comfort of pulling up to your home with lights ON! Ensure to check out our features of our app to see how this function operates.
Sun, rain or snow….they are durable. LiteWRX system can handle the frigid north down to -40, and to the hot deep south up to 130 degrees. Each light has an IP 65 Waterproof rating. Most track is made of powder-coater aluminum which is extremely durable.
LED lights are extremely efficient. Each light only uses from 0 to .9 watts, this is dependant on colors chosen and brightness used. Not only are they efficient, but they are low voltage and extremely safe!
Basically LIMITLESS! Over 16 million combinations! Including soft white.
Light pollution is excessive, misdirected, or obtrusive artificial (usually outdoor) light. Too much light pollution has consequences: it washes out starlight in the night sky, interferes with astronomical research, disrupts ecosystems and has adverse health effects and wastes energy. LiteWRX has helped eliminate light pollution with LED’s and ensuring our lights point downwards on our unique constructed track.
Absolutely NOT! One of the many perks!
Every home is different, but an average installer can do 150ft per day. Most bungalows can be done in a day (or less), as well as an average two storey home. That all varies on peaks, size, and amount of lights. Some larger homes have taken up to 2 days. Pretty good for never having to climb a ladder again I’d say!
Do they require an electrician to install? As these lights are plug and play Low voltage 12v DC power, it does not require an electrician for installation, but rather a qualified installer!
It’s one of the industries best! 5-Star 3-year parts, 2 years labor warranty. Although our lights will last decades (50,000 hours guaranteed!), there is a rare possibility of failure. Any light or component that fails or any defects within the warranty period will be covered, fixed and/or replaced. If any service work is needed outside of the 5-star warranty it will be subject to standard fees. Register with LiteWRX under “Warranty Registration” and you are eligible for our 5-star product warranty program.
Yes, yes and YES!!! Our lights are UL certified. Our control box is UL & ETL certified in Canada & USA. We have ETL certification stamp approving our products. BUYER beware, some companies tell you that low voltage this is not necessary, WRONG! Lite WRX has consulted in every area we install to ensure our product is up to code and regulations for every product installed. We want to ensure our customers feel safe and secure with our product.


LiteWRX lighting is permanent architectural colour-changing LED lighting systems for homes, commercial properties, pergola’s, and outdoor areas.